Healthcare Innovation Solutions

Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc. is the product of our successful parent company, the New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII). NJII is a corporation focused on helping private enterprises discover what is possible for success – financially, strategically, and technologically. NJII corners the market as a not-for-profit corporation that provides a range of product and process innovation services. Its mission is to help you see into the future and how your company can succeed by looking at what your business will look like five or more years from today.

As NJII matured, leadership saw opportunity to help organizations, specifically in the healthcare sector, transition from fee-for-service to value-based care. With our background in organizational transformation, we recognized that the healthcare community in today’s evolving landscape must constantly find new and innovative ways to optimize their healthcare delivery to lower costs, improve patient outcomes, and advance technology. To ensure healthcare organizations’ success in today’s environment, NJII’s Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc. (HCIS) was established.

Who We Are


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By combining our leading, federally recognized software platform alongside our advisory services, Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc. (HCIS) has grown into the next generation of healthcare transformation. We are the pioneer in advancing healthcare technology that drives interoperability between government, providers, and payers to create efficiencies within healthcare systems today. Since our creation, we have helped providers, hospitals, and health systems excel in public and private value-based care programs that has led to greater ease in meeting regulatory and reporting requirements, lowered costs, and reduced physician burden. To put it simply, we harness the power of today’s technology so you can simplify the process of meeting external requirements.

HCIS has created an innovative healthcare solution designed to drive a fundamental shift in how healthcare is delivered today. By employing the next generation of technology and utilization of a staff of healthcare professionals trained and experienced in practice transformation, we have developed a software platform and a portfolio of services that we have delivered to over 12,000 physician clients and has impacted over 800,000 patient lives.