Garden Practice Transformation Network


Expert resources to provide best practices in a disruptive healthcare system.

One of 29 Practice Transformation Networks in the country that was chosen by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid to participate in Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPi), the Garden Practice Transformation Network consists of Quality Improvement Coaches that assist practices in reaching the quadruple aim and developing core competencies specific to value-based reimbursements. If your practice is in an ambulatory setting, and is within any multi-specialty, you are invited to join the PTN where you will be coached on performing and succeeding in the Quality Payment Program and the commercial future of value-based care. Primary Care Providers and Specialists are welcome. The sooner you sign up the sooner we can assess, collect, transform, and measure your value.

Why Measures Manager™?

Building on our foundation of Meaningful User, we are now enrolling providers who are preparing for the value-based reimbursements through Measures Manager, our cloud-based solution which allows you to view your own data in a way you never have. Measures Manager allows you to analyze your data and contract details, then streamlines it into one simple, easy to read dashboard. By consolidating the information you need about the contracts you participate in, Measures Manager then reveals each clinician’s performance, how they measure up to the programs, and what actions need to be taken in order to meet deadlines and maximize your reimbursement.


What We Do

Specialty Customized Quality Improvement Coaching/Work plans, Assist Practices to Successfully Report MIPS, Measure Outcomes for Value-based Payments, Alternative Payment Model Preparedness, Assist in Optimizing EHR Capabilities, & Data Analysis for Quality Workflows and Revenue Opportunities.

Benefits of Joining

  • Financial Incentive Value to Clinicians
  • Hands on Quality Improvement
  • New Payers Initiatives
  • Trusted Strategy and Best Practice Guidance
  • FREE submission of MIPS data to avoid the penalty (15 points)
  • FREE satisfaction of one MIPS performance Category (PI)
  • Improved Patient Engagement

Our Goals

  • Transform Clinicians to Value-Based Care Delivery
  • Assist our Clinicians to reach the Quadruple Aim
  • Help Reduce Utilization Cost for Chronically Ill Patients