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Aggregating data to achieve value-based care

As a healthcare professional, you are familiar with value-based care initiatives set forth by the federal government. By delivering better care to individuals and populations, providers are eligible for reimbursement incentives to reward them for providing value— quality care to their patients at a lower cost. But what about your contracts with commercial payers in addition to federal programs like Medicare? When you provide excellent and cost efficient care to your commercial card holding patients, shouldn’t you be eligible to receive reimbursement incentives as well?

The answer is yes. Commercial payers are starting to set up their contracts in models which give providers like you similar incentives as those which have helped improve outcomes and save money to Medicare. Thus, we are seeing more commercial Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) that have followed Medicare’s lead on cost saving programs including participation from Independent Physician Associations (IPAs) and Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) or health systems. All are seeking rewards for the quality of care in addition to the lower costs of care provided including blended rate models where Fee For Service (FFS) is offered with incentives for reaching quality benchmarks. However, in order to receive these incentive payments providers are required to track their progress, close care gaps and document that their performance meets the mandated benchmarks. But how?

Measures Manager™ by Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc. is the tool you need to do exactly that. Measures Manager™ is a cloud-based software platform that was developed to help providers be aware of their performance to value-based contracts from any and all payers. This is done by aggregating data from EHR systems then threading it through the detailed requirements for every value-based care program the provider participates in.

Measures Manager™ reveals performance status in one easy-to-read dashboard and allows providers to take the necessary steps to achieve their benchmarks and reap the financial rewards for providing quality care as measured by those payer contracts.

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measures management