Measures Manager

Aggregating Data to Reduce Financial Risk and Maximize Reimbursement

Measures Manager™ is the ideal solution to healthcare providers’ challenge of maximizing reimbursement in the value-based care era. It is a cloud-based, software platform designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals that helps your organization proactively identify what you need to meet or exceed your federal and commercial requirements for reimbursement. The goal of our platform is to assist organizations like yours close gaps in care and meet your specific benchmarks, thus earning financial rewards and avoiding penalties.

Measures Manager™ was born out of the drive to transform to value-based care and the need to measure improvement. It's an intuitive software solution which not only identifies top performing and low performing practices, providers and measures but also offers highly actionable analytics by virtue of aggregated clinical data - not just claims data like most software platforms. As a healthcare professional, you know gathering pertinent data into one platform from various disparate EHR sources and identifying outliers in performance is key to any improvement strategy. Easily gaining access to such powerful, insightful data is seemingly impossible in today’s troves of healthcare information. However, our tool is the key to unlocking that treasure.

Key Features and Benefits:

We offer a multitude of services that will aid clinicians with the reporting period for the 2018 MIPS Performance Year. With a 6 year history of offering successful PQRS, Meaningful Use and MIPS reporting services. CMS has qualified our organization as a certified registry and we have the resources and experience to simplify the 2018 MIPS reporting process.

Measures Manager

Easy to Read Dashboard

See your metrics and your progress of achieving benchmarks.

Measures Manager

Drill Down Ability

Dive as deep into your data as you need starting from organization level all the way to individual providers.

Measures Manager

Reduction of Financial Risk

Analyze the costliest diseases and identify a roadmap to reduce cost of care.

Measures Manager

Improved Outcomes

Utilize not just claims data but clinical data in order to improve quality of care.

Measures Manager

IPA Benefits

By gathering data for an entire independent physician association, each provider gains more opportunity for achieving value-based care benchmarks.

Measures Manager

Swift and Easy Installation

Our installation timeframe allows you to get your hands on your data faster and jumpstart your progress to achieving success.