Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc. Offers New Aetna Contract Through Physician Choice Network

physician choice network

Your Garden Practice Transformation Network (PTN) is here to assist you through continued support. Our unparalleled technical resources will help you realize the full revenue potential of your value-based healthcare contracts.

Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc. (HCIS) was created by NJII in order to develop and support our network of providers, including its GPTN participant doctors and hospitals. HCIS is excited to offer Physician Choice Network (PCN) members an opportunity to enroll in our new Aetna health insurance contract.

Contracting Strategies: Population Health Management and Big Data

Population Health Management
If you’re like most healthcare organizations, one of the biggest challenges you face when it comes to population health management and payers is amassing clinical data from disparate data sources in order to effectively, or meaningfully, achieve value and quality care. With the endless number of data sources out there (disparate EHRs, different locations throughout your IPA, ACOs, or CINs), it’s understandable why being able to get your hands on big data in real time, let alone trying to measure your providers’ performance throughout the year, seems like an impossible task.

Measures Management for Hospitals

data aggregation
Any hospital leader understands the enormity of measures management and the data aggregation that flows through their organization every day.  Leadership understands the complexity of getting meaningful reports based on that data. Not just latent data, but data in real time so you can gain insight and decide on a timely basis what future actions for improvement might be necessary. With the shear amount of information systems in any hospital, how can one ever develop and maintain ability to harness the data for immediate use?

Measures Manager™: Your Value-Based Care Software & Value-Based Care Platform Solution

Value-Based Care Software
Measures Manager™, by Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc., is a secure cloud-based, value-based care software and value-based care platform designed to take patient data from disparate EMR systems and thread them into one, easy-to-read dashboard.  It efficiently reveals potential performance gaps within a healthcare organization and provides insight into how to close those gaps in order for providers to meet the requirements set forth by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Transforming from Fee-For-Service to Value-Based Care: The Cost of Waiting

There is a cost to closing your eyes to value-based care just as much as there is a cost to waiting to get involved. Commercial payers and the government are rapidly moving towards offering incentives to achieve greater quality outcomes for health populations. UnitedHealth Group, for example, says it’s paying almost half of its annual reimbursements – or $69 billion – to doctors and hospitals via value-based care models quickly replacing fee-for-service medicine throughout the U.S (Forbes Oct. 2018).  UHG is telling Wall Street the health plan is well ahead of the pace needed to reach a goal of $75 billion in value-based medical spend by 2020. This means that participating physicians will see financial incentives by better managing the quality and cost of healthcare provided to their populations.
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