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Measures Manager™: Your Value-Based Care Software & Value-Based Care Platform Solution

Enterprise Quality Measures Dashboard, Manage your Contract Performance, Prospective Gaps in Care Dashboard, and all-in-one Reporting

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What is Measures Manager™?

Measures Manager™, by Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc., is a secure cloud-based, value-based care software and value-based care platform designed to take patient data from disparate EMR systems and thread them into one, easy-to-read dashboard.

Measures Manager™ efficiently reveals potential performance gaps within a healthcare organization. It then provides insight into how to close those gaps so providers can meet the requirements set forth by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Measures Manager™ helps make the transition from fee-for-service to value-based healthcare even easier and allows you to have a greater impact on population health management.

How does it work?

Measures Manager™ identifies high- and low-performing practices and providers through our Enterprise Quality Measures Dashboard. It also provides highly actionable analytics and reports across all programs including MIPS, ACO, Commercial Providers and HEDIS. This is done by virtue of aggregated clinical data, claims data, and encounter data from multiple sources, not just data from one specific system.

With our agile installation process, you no longer have to wait months to start diving into your data. This allows your organization to start proactively identifying what you need to do to meet or exceed the federal and commercial payer requirements for reimbursement.

Measures Manager™ allows you to:

  • Maximize your EHR: Our tool automatically pulls the precise clinical, encounter, and claims data from your EHR so that you don’t have to create manual spreadsheet reports
  • Unmatched Quality Measures Builder: Our tool then parses through all of your EHR data through our Measures Builder tool, which features over 240 clinical quality measures within the CMS MIPS, ACO, CPC, HEDIS, and Commercial quality programs

We’re also more agile than the bigger data and EHR vendors. You no longer have to wait months to start diving into your data.  Valued-based care software like Measures Manager™ can be up and running in your organization in as little as 4 – 6 weeks.

Measures Manager™ offers several ways to view and filter your data so you can see how providers and practices are performing on their measures. The sleek dashboard provides measures performance at a glance through simple charts and numerical overviews. You’re able to see performance gaps, and which practices and providers are a high risk for not closing their measures gaps.

value-based care software

Measures Manager™ also features a patient dashboard that allows you to drill down and see what patients are eligible for which contracts and measures, and where they are in closing the gap on a measure. You’re also able to quickly view what patients are eligible for certain measures and contracts, but are exempt from reporting.

Results: Measures Manager™ has been helping organizations like yours not only maximize their reimbursements by providing actionable data to users but also save millions of dollars in healthcare costs. When all of your data is aggregated into an easy-to-read, streamlined dashboard, you have more time to focus on improved patient care.

Measures Manager™ aggregates your data into one place so you can focus on the quality of care and care management instead of sifting through data to ensure you’re hitting measures performance benchmarks. Let Measures Manager™ do the work for you. Don’t miss out on money you could be making on your contracts. You can also avoid potential penalties by seeing all your data and measures gaps in one place so you know where you need to focus to close those gaps.

But what does all this mean? Simply put, Measures Manager™ collects all your data into one place, making measures performance easy to track.

value-based care platform
value-based care software

Learn More: With a 5:1 ratio for return on investment, Measures Manager™ is one of the most cost-effective value-based care platform solution available on the market. It brings you the data you need to meet your goals, all while ensuring the financial success of your entire organization.

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