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Measures Management for Hospitals

Data aggregation from disparate source systems to achieve success is value-based care

Any hospital leader understands the enormity of measures management and the amount of data flowing through their organization every day. Leadership recognizes the complexity of the data aggregation process to generate meaningful reports. And this isn’t just latent data, but real-time data that offers deep insights so decisions can be made on a timely basis, and courses for future improvement can be plotted. With the sheer amount of information systems in any hospital, how can anyone harness all this disparate data for immediate use?

Measures Manager™, by Healthcare Innovations Solutions, Inc. (HCIS), is the data aggregation tool built to do exactly that. By combining your organization’s data with the details of your commercial contracts and federal program requirements, Measures Manager™ reveals in one, easy-to-read dashboard the precise action you need to take in order to close your performance gaps, maximize reimbursements, and provide the best possible care for your patients.

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By aggregating data and identifying gaps, Measures Manager™ allows you to:

  • Consolidate data from all your source systems
  • Use benchmarking to confidently negotiate payment rates and insurance contracts
  • Determine and track the most important metrics for performance rewards
  • Determine the outliers in provider performance and have the information to effect change
  • Gives a heightened awareness of how your providers are performing – financially and related to quality measures
  • Receive actionable data so providers, when necessary, can dramatically improve outcomes and maximize their reimbursement under value-based contracts
  • Allows you to quantify what your risks will be – can your organization afford a financial gamble?
  • Transition to value-based care by providing you a set of invaluable baseline data so that you can determine how ready are you now and what steps do you need to take moving forward?

In today’s world of shrinking margins and overly competitive contracting environments, you can’t afford not to know exactly how your hospital is performing when it comes to measures management. Measures Manager™ exists at the intersection of population health management and big data. Reporting data varies for each contract and measure, and closing the gaps on measures requires amassing data from a huge number of sources.

By aggregating patient health and contract data into one place, Measures Manager™ gives you a high-level overview of how your organization is performing on the contracts you participate in. Being able to see all of this information in one place helps maintain quality measures and close gaps, ensuring you hit all a contract’s benchmarks and achieve maximum reimbursement potential.

Measures Manager™ also gives you the ability to drill down into the data, allowing you to view measures performance through a variety of different filters. You can view performance by provider, practice, or even patient. You can also filter by measures and contracts. The Measures Manager™ dashboard collects all this aggregated data so you can see how you’re performing by the numbers and through simple, intuitive graphs.

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