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Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc. Offers New Aetna Contract Through Physician Choice Network

Value-based care is here. Now is the time to engage in population health with the right strategies, technologies, and contracts!


Your Garden Practice Transformation Network (PTN) is here to assist you through continued support. Our unparalleled technical resources will help you realize the full revenue potential of your value-based healthcare contracts.

Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc. (HCIS) was created by NJII in order to develop and support our network of providers, including its GPTN participant doctors and hospitals. HCIS is excited to offer Physician Choice Network (PCN) members an opportunity to enroll in our new Aetna health insurance contract.

This new Aetna contract pays a monthly care coordination capitation payment per attributed member (PMPM). The PMPM is an additional payment on top of the contracted fee-for-service payments and co-payments you already receive for treating these patients.

There are many benefits to joining our Physician Choice Network and participating in this value-based care contract. A few of those benefits include:

physician choice network
  • Your practice will continue to receive our nationally recognized transformation coaching services as part of our care network.
  • Our team will continue to help document and collect clinical, utilization, and patient satisfaction metrics. This will determine if your practice qualifies for a percentage of shared savings.
  • You will have free access to our Measures Manager™ platform for tracking your performance on this Aetna health care contract.
  • This process will aid success with other plans, including MIPS, which may offer similar incentives in the future.

But these are just some of the benefits that come with membership in our Physician Choice Network.

Successful population health performance requires an understanding of each provider’s and practice’s measure completion. Measures Manager™ was built to identify gaps in care so providers can address patient needs and maximize reimbursements on their contracts. Measures Manager™ aggregates patient data from EHRs into one streamlined Measures Dashboard. The Measures Dashboard provides an easy-to-read snapshot of information, which is used to determine where providers and practices stand in terms of measures completion and gap closure. The measures close automatically as patient EHRs are updated. Gaps can also be closed manually within the Measures Manager™ tool if necessary.

Measures Manager™ also includes a Planning Tool. The Planning Tool is a feature for doctors or administrators to group patients together. This planning can be applied to a list of patients who are coming in for the day (pre-visit planning), a list of patients for a practice or provider to focus on, or any other reason to create a plan. Measures Manager™ also includes filter options to easily find the patients, providers, and measures you’re looking for. These filters appear on the top of every page so you can quickly locate exactly the information you’re looking for.

One of NJII’s primary healthcare initiatives is to facilitate the transition to value-based care through effective use of technology like Measures Manager™. Our products and services collect your data into one place. This ensures care gaps are closed and your patients receive the care quality they deserve. By providing better quality care to your patients, healthcare providers can increase the health of entire populations.

It’s time to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to capitalize on patients you’re already treating. Make an impact with this new population health contract. NJII and Measures Manager™ are here to help and ease the transition to value-based care.


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