Population Health Management

Contracting Strategies: Population Health Management and Big Data

Learn how to get the most out of your contracts

If you’re like most healthcare organizations, one of the biggest population health challenges you face is amassing clinical data from disparate data management sources to effectively and meaningfully achieve value and quality care. The amount of data sources (disparate EHRs, multiple locations throughout your IPA, ACOs, or CINs) makes it imperative that you’re able to get your hands on big data analytics in real time. When it comes to measuring your providers’ performance throughout the year, this can seem like an impossible task.

Population health management is a carefully coordinated approach to improving the health of a specific patient population. This is done through high-quality, low-cost care achieved by harnessing organizational, clinical, and patient data. Different patient populations require different care strategies to maintain or improve their wellness.

Population Health Management

By approaching healthcare this way, a higher quality of value-based care can be provided to these populations. A value-based approach to healthcare ultimately lowers the cost of healthcare for both the provider and the patient. A value-based approach also entitles providers to take part in different contracts that offer compensation for reaching performance benchmarks on different measures. The measures and benchmarks vary from contract to contract, as do the dollar amounts you’re awarded for closing the gaps on certain measures.

By pursuing value-based care contracts in population health management, you can earn money for seeing the patients you already see. By hitting measures benchmarks, you can improve the wellness of entire populations of patients.

But this requires maintaining and monitoring huge amounts of data across your entire organization. Each contract and measure is different, and closing the gaps on measures requires amassing data from a huge number of sources. To perform well in population health management and on contracts, clinical data, patient data and records, and organizational data management are all required to ensure gaps are closed and maximum payment benefit can be achieved.

What if you could do it all when it comes to health and types of data? What if there was a way to view your data in real time, any time you wanted? What if you gather pertinent information on where you need to improve performance in one place?

With the right software, you can harvest this immense volume of data in one easy, streamlined dashboard. Using this proof of performance history, you can negotiate directly with your payer to obtain the best rate possible for your organization. Better rates mean higher revenue, and the potential to capture additional dollars from opportunities you may have missed in the past. That’s where Measures Manager™ comes in.

Measures Manager™ exists at the intersection of Population Health Management and Big Data. By aggregating patient health data into one place, Measures Manager™ puts population health management at your fingertips.

By tracking benchmarks, patient health data, and performance, Measures Manager™ generates simple, straightforward charts and metrics. These charts and summaries make it easy to show payers a solid history of success in population health management by the numbers. With this data in hand, you have everything you need to get the best rate possible for your contracts. Not only will this allow you to provide better quality care, but also proactively manage population health and value-based contracts. The more contracts you perform on, the more potential dollars you can generate for your practice.

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Measures Manager™ allows you to:

  • Use benchmarking to confidently negotiate payment rates and insurance contracts
  • Use the data to demonstrate your value to the network and your role in value delivery
  • Use data to assess performance
  • Track the most important metrics for performance rewards
  • Understand how you can take on risk and perform confidently under the model in which your organization is operating
  • Proactively approach your payers in negotiating better rates
  • Cost effective way to measure performance and identify gaps in care

The ability to measure your big data and performance is the best strategy for successful contracting there is. In today’s world, provider margins are extremely slim. The contracting environment is an increasingly. You can’t afford to question how effectively your organization is performing. Measures Manager™ is reporting made easy.

Measures Manager™ aggregates all of your medical data into a simple, streamlined dashboard. This makes tracking measures, gaps in care, and measure performance a breeze, whether at the patient, provier, or practice level.

Measures Manager™ has intuitive tools to help manage patient care in the shift to value-based healthcare delivery. Performance gaps in value-based contract measures are easily identifiable, so you know what patients and providers need the most immediate attention. Being able to see all this information at a glance keeps your practices and providers on track to meet value-based care measures and avoid potential penalties. With all this data in hand, you have the information and proven track record you need to negotiate for the best contract rates.

One of the best features of Measures Manager™ is that this all happens automatically as your electronic patient health records are updated. In this data driven world, Measures Manager™ does the work for you to monitor and address measures and gaps in care.

Value-based care contracts allow your practice to make extra money and provide a higher quality of care to your current patients. You’re free to focus on providing the best care possible when you don’t have to worry about the data.

Measures Manager™ includes convenient tools that allow you to group patients together. This enables you to know which patients require care to reach a certain measure and close the gap. The Measures Manager™ dashboard gives a clean overview with plenty of options to filter through patients, providers, and practices as necessary.

The Measures Manager™ dashboard also gives an instant overview of measure gaps, completion percentages, and measure compliance numbers. A watch list provides up-to-date numbers on Patient Care Gaps, patient exclusions, and measures on watch. You can also see which providers are performing the highest and closest to closing all their measures gaps. It’s easy to show payers your successful patient care track record and negotiate the best contract rates with all of this data in one place.

You can’t afford to guess when it comes to population health management and your data. Measures Manager™ is an easy tool to aggregate all of your organizational information. With this data in hand, you can negotiate the best rates with your payers on your contracts. Don’t miss out on another contract. Don’t miss out on money you could be getting for your organization. Track your performance and measures benchmarks with Measures Manager™.

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